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Miya T. Beck 

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A Junior Library Guild

Gold Standard Selection


Available now!

Through a Clouded Mirror

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780063238244

Yuki snow wishes she were anywhere but here.

She hates Santa Dolores, where her mom and stepdad just moved the family. Her BFF back home, Julio, has already forgotten his promise to stay in touch -- and worse, he like likes Yuki's mortal enemy. At her new school, the kids think she's either invisible or a know-it-all nerd. 
The only friend she's made so far is the owner of a Japanese antiques store. Among the treasures there is an ancient mirror supposedly once owned by celebrated Japanese writer Sei Shonagon. It's also rumored to be a portal to Shonagon's world, which opens every hundred years. So when a woman with long, jet-black hair and flowing silk robes appears in the glass, beckoning, Yuki knows there's only one thing to do: step through to the unknown ...
This is a breathtaking fantasy adventure inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and set in a magical imperial Japan.          

… a middle grade fantasy destined to appeal to fans of poetry, Japanese folklore, and Alice in Wonderland, using Yuki's journey through the mirror to explore how relationships of all kinds endure conflict and how to appreciate what we already have.

– Booklist

… a steadfast, imagery-driven fantasy teeming with Japanese lore. Poetic and punny text and themes of evolving friendships and parental loss ground this fantastical read.


– Publishers Weekly

Available now!

The Pearl Hunter 

Publisher: Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780063238190

Kai and Kishi share the same futon, the same face, and the same talent for pearl diving.            


But Kishi is the obedient daughter, while Kai tries to push boundaries, and sometimes they fight as fiercely as only the closest of twin sisters can. Still, when Kishi is stolen by the legendary ghost whale, nothing will stop Kai from searching, deep in the ocean to bring her home.

But such a rescue is beyond the power of an ordinary mortal. Kai strikes a deal with the gods: she’ll steal a magic pearl from faraway Sky Mountain in exchange for her sister’s soul. As she journeys across the treacherous landscape, Kai must navigate encounters with scheming bandits, a power-hungry warlord, and a legion of conniving fox spirits, all the while keeping to her mission to save Kishi. And when a new friendship becomes something almost as powerful as her love for her twin, Kai must make impossible choices and risk everything just to get home again.

Woven through with traditional Japanese stories, legends, and strategy games, this is a thrilling, layered adventure.

PearlHunter hc c.jpg

Indies Introduce Kids' Debut Pick Winter/Spring 2023


A Junior Library Guild

Gold Standard Selection


Readers will want to dive into this story full of magic and adventure.

– Kirkus Reviews

With a painstakingly built world and a strong emotional thrust, Beck's vivid, fierce-hearted debut fleshes out a flawed, memorable protagonist alongside fearsome mythical creatures.

 Publishers Weekly

A terrifically transporting tale of familial love and the power in finally stepping into your identity.




Upcoming Appearances

May 30, 2024: Launch Event! Books of Wonder, New York City @ 6 p.m.

Oct. 5, 2024: Princeton Children's Book Festival, Hinds Plaza, Princeton, NJ @ 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

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About Miya T. Beck

Miya is a native Californian who always had a deep interest in the Japanese side of her heritage. Though she tried and failed to become fluent in Japanese, her studies did introduce her to the myths, folklore, and other literary works that have inspired her novels. A former daily newspaper reporter and magazine writer, she lives in Brooklyn with her family.

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